Locations we are working in:



We are currently teaching firefighters in the Napo region from the areas of Tena, Chaco, Archidona and the surrounding villages life-saving emergency first aid. 

We have been invited into the Highlands, high in the Andes Mountains buy other villagers to train local firefighters where they live.



We have been tasked to set up and train a network of first responders to respond to medical emergencies in the Nindiri Municipality, which consists of 17 rural villages. 

We have been on the ground and conducted our initial assessment. We can only make this happen with generous donations from from people like you. 



We have partnered with the Haiti Health Team to support their mission to provide a mobile clinic and community health education. 

Our goal is to help provide patient consultation and education and screening for High Blood Pressure and Diabetes.

We need your support and medical supplies to carryout this mission.   



 Mosul was the first home base of operations for Global Response Management, where we operated for over 9 months and continue to support local organizations.  




 We have already had a team present on the ground in Aden and surrounding areas to assess the current situation in Yemen and start providing initial care. We are looking forward to returning and setting up a field medical center.  GRM



 In July of 2018 we supported our friends and partners at Global Outreach Doctors in evaluating a local camp’s medical situation and needs for pre-hospital emergency management.


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